John Murray

Key Realty

Ranked among the Top 7 real estate professionals in the U.S., according to transactions, in the Wall Street Journal for the past seven consecutive years, John Murray is the managing broker/president of Key Realty, Inc., and the president and co-owner of Realty Pilot, a technology automation company focused on enterprise solutions for the real estate industry. 

Murray has extensive experience in virtually every aspect of the real estate industry – from executive positions in multiple private equity funds (up to $1.5B) to loss mitigation, servicing, outsourcing and brokerage. This in-depth view of the market has also led him to formulate an important focus on social responsibility and a push towards feasible and sustainable homeownership by turning “houses” back into “homes,” thereby leading to true neighborhood stabilization and an ultimate rise in home values. Murray has individually listed and sold more than 25,000 homes in his 15-year real estate career.  

John Murray | Managing Broker/President

Key Realty

A self-described “technology professional working in the real estate industry,” Murray brings a future-focused approach to his real estate business.