Karri Callahan

RE/MAX Holdings, Inc.

As chief financial officer, Karri Callahan plays a key role in the development and execution of major strategic initiatives for RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. Under her leadership, RE/MAX has been very aggressive in making strategic investments that help brokers recruit and agents increase their sales opportunities.

“We trust the engine that drives our revenue—strong agents who close lots of sales—which in turn builds strong brokerages that attract even more agents,” she says. 

Callahan understood that the circumstances and impact related to the pandemic varied by location, and as a result, the needs of RE/MAX affiliates were different. She helped launch financial relief options, and implemented measures in the network and at headquarters to solidify RE/MAX’s footing in order to exit in a position of strength. These measures provided direct financial assistance to RE/MAX’s small business entrepreneurs at the local level. 

“We’ve seen the cycle work in every kind of market environment, which gives us great confidence in our strategy,” she explains. “But we never slow down or stop innovating, and we take absolutely nothing for granted.”

Karri Callahan
Chief Financial Officer

RE/MAX Holdings, Inc.
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