Keisha Hosea

KASI Homes

As the housing affordability crisis continues in Los Angeles County, Keisha Hosea, broker/owner of KASI Homes, has worked to fight what she calls the “insidious plight of homelessness” in the region. In 2019 alone, she negotiated over 40 leases with landlords and property managers to house homeless individuals.

With a background in social work and a heart still set on fighting social issues, Hosea found a way to use her skills to help locate housing for those in need. By working with local landlords and educating them on where they can help fill this gap, she forged countless relationships. As landlords began to gain trust in the process and had favorable leasing experiences, they started to dedicate more units to the endeavor. 

Hosea also instructs future tenants on how to read their credit reports, prepare introduction letters to landlords, complete rental applications, pay monthly rent and navigate tenancy issues. Additionally, she helps plan and host a yearly Landlord Appreciation Event to honor the landlords that partner to help lease units.

Hosea has a BA in psychology and an MA in marriage, family and child counseling. Following an extensive career in social work and counseling with government entities, along with founding a nonprofit to help at-risk youth, she entered real estate as a full-time career based on personal investment experience. Hosea had ownership in a large real estate franchise for several years, but she decided to sell it to open a smaller, more client-centric boutique firm, KASI Homes.

Keisha Hosea

KASI Homes
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