Leesa Baker


In leading the customer success team at REcolorado, Leesa Baker embraces the idea of a proactive partnership with customers, emphasizing the need to communicate effectively and to anticipate what challenges may arise.

In 2023, she helped launch the Collective Intelligence initiative, which seeks feedback through multiple internal and external channels to understand how customers are reacting to REcolorado’s services, what they like and what additional support the company can provide users.

Because of her work, the REcolorado Customer Success team was recognized by the WAV Group for best customer service, best training and best data accuracy.

“Nothing is more rewarding than taking feedback, aligning it with technology, products and creating meaningful, intentional and strategic policy,” says Baker. “It is that combination that helps brokers move the industry forward and support the American Dream of homeownership.”

Additionally, she established a regular cadence with employing and managing brokers, appraisers and rental groups to enlist feedback from their perspective, enriching the dynamic input the company was collecting to fully understand issues from multiple angles. Armed with a plethora of information from these groups, Baker and REcolorado can see plainly what the company can do to enhance services and how to press for change.

“I am able to guide my teams to interact on a daily basis with brokers and take their feedback and turn it into positive change especially as it relates to policy,” she says. “We have learned to support them, not overregulate them.”

Leesa Baker
Vice President, Chief Care and Compliance Officer

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