Lisa Fettner


Lisa Fettner serves as vice president of marketing at ReferralExchange, the leading provider of agent-to-agent real estate referrals in the U.S. She manages marketing, branding, public relations, and industry relations for both ReferralExchange and, the company’s consumer direct website.

In her work in the real estate industry, as well as in positions she previously held in other fields, Fettner has gained extensive experience in marketing, lead generation, and brand building in numerous arenas, including financial services, mortgage, and technology. She has traveled across the U.S. and has spoken at numerous industry events to increase ReferralExchange’s membership. In addition, she hosts a series of webinars that teach real estate agents and brokers how to improve their marketing and networking techniques so they can better serve their customers and increase sales.

Lisa Fettner | Vice President of Marketing


"Forging successful partnerships and relationships — whether they are with fellow real estate agents, vendors or clients — can yield benefits beyond an initial sale or deal."