Ben Caballero

Ben Caballero, founder and CEO of is known as a real estate legend and phenomena. Throughout last year, he led the development of SpecDeck, a breakthrough technology that empowers production home builders to manage their MLS listings with a single, nationally scalable and strategically automated solution. By reducing the average MLS listing turnaround to under 15 minutes, it helps reduce manual-data entry time for builders by 90% or more.

In addition to innovating new technology, Caballero shattered his own record, as well as that of an individual real estate agent, for total sales volume. He became the first individual agent to break the $3 billion threshold for home sales. As the nation’s perennial No. 1 agent, selling more than 6,000 in 2023, he nearly equaled his current Guinness World Record title for most homes sold in a single year.

“By partnering with home builders, I found a way to improve MLS listing management and marketing that vastly improves the efficiency and accuracy of their MLS listings. Tapping into the full potential of the MLS helps them sell more homes faster,” says Caballero. “It’s never been about sales records I have achieved but of the technology I invented that helps my builder clients.”

Ben Caballero
Founder & CEO