Mandy Streisel

CENTURY 21 Canada

Mandy Streisel is the subject matter expert of CENTURY 21 Canada’s systems and tools. She and fellow Newsmaker Tracey Anderson created the C21 Concierge Program to help CENTURY 21 Canada franchisees become more successful, productive and engaged. 

The Concierge Program is a full-service training model designed to support sales representatives by teaching them how to use the wide range of tools and technologies the company offers so they can better serve their customers and increase productivity. The program was started in 2018 and is already increasing engagement and leading to higher per-person productivity and retention. 

Mandy Streisel | Manager of Network Engagement

CENTURY 21 Canada

"I've always been the No. 1 fan of our franchisees and their leadership teams. Finding a way to scale the expertise and information I have to share, while keeping the focus on the relationship between the management and their agents, has always been my priority."