Nick Macey

Inside Real Estate

Described as “future-driven” by his colleagues, Nick Macey makes a difference by being selective in what technology tools he adopts. He “never chooses technology just for technology’s sake.”

In 2023, one tool that caught his eye was AI, and he oversaw the addition of generative responses to kvCORE; agents can generate cold-calling phone scripts or request the best responses to website inquiries.

Per Macey’s colleagues, this is only the beginning, indicating that 2023 was a test run with machine learning that Macey, and the users at Inside, found was worth it.

Macey has developed an extensive five-year plan to leverage this innovative technology to generate unique real estate content, optimize marketing strategies, personalize messaging based on tone and language, provide smart chatbot assistants and enable a broader set of automation to help agents offload day-to-day tasks and focus on building connections and closing deals.

Nick Macey

Inside Real Estate
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