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Nick Shivers

Nick Shivers Team, Keller Williams Portland Central

Nick Shivers is president and CEO of the Nick Shivers Team at Keller Williams Portland Central, one of the top real estate teams in Oregon and Southwest Washington. He is also president of My Rocket Listing, an iBuyer program he successfully launched in the last three years.

For 20 years, Shivers has brought a unique mix of real estate expertise and passion to his work. His knowledge, energy, creativity and dedication allow Shivers to help agents decide where they want to be, and create a sound strategy to get there.

Perhaps more importantly, Shivers is also dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children through Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), a nonprofit organization he co-founded. That’s why the Nick Shivers Team Mission is “Saving Kids by Selling Homes.”

SAHSAC has raised $1.6 million to transform the futures of children in Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico and the U.S. SAHSAC effectively helps feed, clothe, house, educate, protect and guide children in deeply impoverished areas. Shivers has partnered with clients and others in the industry to rescue thousands of children from human trafficking, prostitution and addiction. The children were placed with an organization that kept them safe so they could pursue an education. Some have become professionals or returned to their communities to help others. SAHSAC also offers funding and volunteer opportunities that contribute clothing, blankets and food to benefit women’s shelters and homeless shelters in Portland, Ore.

Shivers personally travels to Nicaragua and Haiti where children are endangered. “He has literally purchased children to remove them from the trafficking trade and placed them in an organization that makes them safe and gives them tools,” relates a colleague. “One just opened a beauty parlor, one just got married, two of them are graduating college. This is not just a fundraiser. It is very real.”

Shivers considers these two pieces of wisdom to be guiding principles in his life: “Differentiate yourself by making a difference” and “Build a tribe and thrive.”

Nick Shivers
President & CEO

Nick Shivers Team, Keller Williams Portland Central

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