Nicole Lopez

Intero Real Estate Services

As team leader for The PR Group with Intero Real Estate Services in Houston, Texas, Nicole Lopez leads and mentors women to pursue and realize their goals.

“I believe the greatest gift in success is the ability to give back to those around you,” she says. “Serving my team, the local real estate association, and my community has fulfilled my life and fueled my passion for the industry in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

In business, though, Lopez is extremely competitive. She says she’s always looking for an edge when it comes to listing and selling around the Houston metro area. Naturally this has led her to creative marketing ideas.

As a self-described ‘taco lady’, Lopez has taken her love of cuisine to the housing market by adding small signs that hang under each of her For Sale signs outside of clients’ homes that read, “$250 in free tacos with the purchase of this home.” 

The craziest part? It actually works! The ads have gotten her a spot on a local news broadcast and her most recent home to feature the signs was listed at $170,000 and is currently under contract. It’s no wonder that the tacos—which are provided in an exclusive partnership with Torchy’s Tacos—aren’t going to leave Lopez’s real estate marketing arsenal any time soon.

Nicole Lopez
Team Leader for The PR Group

Intero Real Estate Services

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