Sabine Steinbrecher


Sabine Steinbrecher, founder and “chief hiveologist” of Hiveologie, spearheads groundbreaking change in real estate by transforming how agents train and enhance their skills. Her innovative “hive” ecosystem revolutionizes learning by seamlessly blending design, rewards, community and a profound social mission.

A gamechanger in education, Steinbrecher delivered the Hive Mind—an AI-driven analytics engine—personalizing learning for agents and brokers with a data-guided Flight Path based on industry success metrics. In 2023, Hiveologie witnessed a growth of 100,000 real estate professionals within the span of ten months. Also this year, Steinbrecher was instrumental in introducing the Agent Accelerator™,  a free tool leveraging machine learning and proprietary algorithms, providing insider strategies for success in personal development, business optimization and enhanced marketing and sales.

Her commitment to social impact is evident in Hiveologie’s support for bee sanctuaries and bees. Investing proceeds into bee projects and offering honey-themed closing gifts as eco-friendly alternatives showcase a dedication to environmental conservation and philanthropy.

“Hiveologie has allowed me to distill 25 years of educating agents and honing and building instructional design models for agents into a true learning ecosystem and community designed to empower and accelerate the success path for any REALTOR®,” says Steinbrecher. “Now, with the launch of our Agent Accelerator™ analytics engine, I have been able to finally achieve a supporting and highly personalized tool that previous technology was not able to accomplish efficiently that specifically addresses the gaps in any agent’s practice. This along with giving back to a social mission that truly means the world to me and our team has provided a long-awaited offering of extremely high-quality services to our agent community that I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Sabine Steinbrecher
Founder, Chief Hiveologist


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