Shana Genenbacher

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Shana Genenbacher’s journey from REALTOR® to community champion, mentor and industry influencer epitomizes her commitment to excellence. She mentors new agents and drives industry innovation through tech-driven improvements.

In 2023, Genenbacher achieved remarkable customer satisfaction, especially amongst military buyers. She received an impressive AVID survey score of 96.8, placing her among those who score highest with their customers on home buying experience surveys.

For Genenbacher, the most fulfilling aspect of her career is witnessing the happiness and excitement families have as they embark on the journey of building their dream homes.

“Homeownership is a significant milestone, one that not everyone has the opportunity to attain. I feel a profound sense of gratitude for being a small yet integral part of this momentous life event, especially during the home construction process itself,” she says. “Guiding families from the very foundation and leading them through the entire process is something I hold dear. It’s not merely another transaction for me; I approach each family as a chance to make a meaningful impact on their lives.”

Having been a military spouse for 21 years, Genenbacher also understands the challenges of frequent relocation.

“I consider it an honor to serve and reside in a military community, living close to the Air Force base. My primary goal is to alleviate stress for service men and women, making them feel not only welcomed but also appreciated and loved in their new community,” she said.

Shana Genenbacher
Real Estate Agent

Stone Martin Builders
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