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In 2023, Sherri Johnson, founder and CEO of Sherri Johnson Coaching, introduced the Sherri Johnson Real Estate Broker Leadership Executive Series Program™ with Certification. The intensive course is intended to help brokers, managers and executives improve agent recruiting, retention and development, and increase their profits.

Additionally, Johnson’s “You Rock! A Real Estate Podcast” was recognized as one of the leading business offerings on the Apple podcast platform. The Sherri Johnson PlayBook™ Monthly Subscription gave agents and managers online access to the Sherri Johnson Academy, as well as live group coaching every month.

“The most rewarding part of my career is making a difference in the lives of our clients,” says Johnson. “Whether we are working with agents, managers, team leaders, broker owners and/or executive leadership teams, we strive to dramatically close the gap of learning to help create peak performance in sales, recruiting, profit and retention for significant growth at all levels.

“Helping agents and managers coach agents to increase their sales and income while working and spending less while achieving work/life balance is our goal,” adds Johnson.  “I am extremely passionate about improving lives and developing people’s full potential.”


Sherri Johnson
Founder & CEO

Sherri Johnson Coaching
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