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Interview: Andy Florance on Restoring Transparency and Putting Agents ‘Back in Front of America’

Above, a screenshot from one of’s new ads featuring Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” fame and SNL’s Heidi Gardner.  During one of America’s most enduring traditions, Super Bowl Sunday, plans to make history, regardless of who takes home the championship trophy.  Through four commercials reaching some 113 million viewers, the rapidly ascending real…

Common HOA Disputes and Resolution Processes

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) disputes are common in community living. Resolving them efficiently is crucial for maintaining harmony. I will provide advice and tips on the following: Definitions of common HOA disputes and resolution processes Step-by-step guides on internal dispute resolution procedures Information on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration Legal requirements and state-specific…

How to Market Your Condo with a Special Assessment

Marketing a condo with a special assessment requires strategic planning and clear communication. Special assessments can often deter potential buyers who might be concerned about the added costs. However, with the right approach, you can attract interested buyers by focusing on your property’s unique advantages. I will provide detailed strategies to market your condo, including…

Escrow Holdbacks vs. Repair Escrows: What’s the Difference?

Escrow holdbacks and repair escrows are common tools in real estate transactions, used to facilitate smooth property transfers under certain conditions. These financial arrangements help manage and mitigate risks associated with property conditions at closing. I will clarify the distinctions and similarities between escrow holdbacks for repairs and other types of escrow accounts. You will…

Legal Considerations for Unmarried Couples Buying Property

Buying a property together is a significant step for unmarried couples. This decision involves unique legal considerations and requires careful planning. I will provide critical property laws for unmarried couples, including title considerations, mortgage qualifications and protective measures for individual investments. As someone who has been selling real estate for a very long time, it…

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Pro Tip: 1 Appointment, 6 Listing Assets

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