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Evan Liddiard is the Director of Federal Tax Policy for the National Association of REALTORS®.

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Interview: Andy Florance on Restoring Transparency and Putting Agents ‘Back in Front of America’

Above, a screenshot from one of Homes.com’s new ads featuring Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” fame and SNL’s Heidi Gardner.  During one of America’s most enduring traditions, Super Bowl Sunday, Homes.com plans to make history, regardless of who takes home the championship trophy.  Through four commercials reaching some 113 million viewers, the rapidly ascending real…

Adaptive Reuse of Underutilized Commercial Buildings Needs a Federal Tax Incentive

Since Covid permanently rearranged the work and shopping lives of millions of Americans, the idea of adaptive reuse of commercial buildings is becoming a possible win-win solution to the severe current shortage of housing. Converting some of those underused office, store and warehouse buildings into residences is an ideal example of an elegant solution. Bolstering…