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Interview: Andy Florance on Restoring Transparency and Putting Agents ‘Back in Front of America’

Above, a screenshot from one of’s new ads featuring Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” fame and SNL’s Heidi Gardner.  During one of America’s most enduring traditions, Super Bowl Sunday, plans to make history, regardless of who takes home the championship trophy.  Through four commercials reaching some 113 million viewers, the rapidly ascending real…

Is Life Balance Possible in Real Estate?

There are no emergencies in real estate. There, I said it. Being married to a physician, I realize that although real estate has timelines and sometimes stressed-out people, there are no real life-or-death emergencies. So why do we think we need to be available 24/7 like a doctor saving lives in an emergency room? We…

5 Steps to Elevate Your Marketing

The first thing I thought about when I sat down to write this article is how much money I’ve wasted on marketing over the years. Hopefully after you read this, I can save you from doing the same. I’ve found that I get a much better return on my investment from all my marketing if…

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Screen Appeal is The New Curb Appeal

Listings on Zillow are the initial impression of a house for buyers, and making a property stand out is key for sellers. Offer a beautiful, AI-powered listing that stands out on Zillow. Learn How

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