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Stefan Peterson is chief data officer and co-founder of zavvie and author of its popular Seller Preferences Report, the first review of its kind, covering all the selling solutions available to homeowners throughout the U.S.

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Interview: Andy Florance on Restoring Transparency and Putting Agents ‘Back in Front of America’

Above, a screenshot from one of’s new ads featuring Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” fame and SNL’s Heidi Gardner.  During one of America’s most enduring traditions, Super Bowl Sunday, plans to make history, regardless of who takes home the championship trophy.  Through four commercials reaching some 113 million viewers, the rapidly ascending real…

zavvie Data Says ‘Cash Is Still King’ in 2023

The real estate market’s seismic shift is dramatically impacting every facet of the business. Just like brokerages and their agents, iBuyers, Power Buyers, concierge and homeowner-accelerator solutions are rapidly adapting to the overall decline in market activity. The most recent data in the zavvie Modern Marketplace Report gives unparalleled insight into how these modern buyer…