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Reverse Mentorships: Why Pairing Up With Someone Older/Younger Is Mutually Beneficial

We recently surveyed licensed real estate professionals and asked them what’s working best in their business, and what’s working least. We analyzed the data from over 1,000 responses and found that for agents with less than three years of experience, social media is driving much of their business, but they’re struggling with lead generation. Inversely, […]

Is Bad Credit Keeping the Millennial Generation from Buying Homes?

It’s no secret that the millennial generation of homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, is facing big financial roadblocks compared to previous generations. As an agent, one of the key characteristics of millennials you need to understand is they have unfavorable debt-to-income ratios. Many of them also have bad credit scores. This can affect interest rates they […]

5 Common Home-Selling Mistakes New (and Seasoned) Agents Face

Everyone makes mistakes—even the most seasoned real estate professionals. Perhaps what sets the great listing agents apart from the not-so-great ones is that that they learned from their mistakes early on. Will you make home-selling mistakes? Absolutely—but you will also learn valuable lessons that will make you a better, stronger real estate professional. Here are […]