Andrew Flachner


As company co-founder and president, Andrew Flachner takes great pride in the positive impact RealScout has had on the real estate industry.

“Before RealScout, agents often found themselves on the digital periphery, as consumers gravitated toward national search portals, while agents were predominantly leveraging the MLS to communicate listing and market data to clients,” he says. “Our technology bridges that gap, ensuring that agents are top of mind with their clients and within their database.”

Revolutionary doesn’t mean stasis from there on out, though. During 2023, Flachner oversaw the largest renovation to RealScout in a decade, turning it into a full-on “client-engagement hub.”

“The feedback from agents, who now feel more empowered and central to the customer experience, and from clients who benefit from a more personalized and streamlined process, is immensely rewarding,” says Flachner. “It’s not just about coding or developing software; it’s about creating value. Working alongside a team of dedicated and like-minded individuals, all striving toward a common goal of transforming real estate technology, adds to the fulfillment.”

Andrew Flachner
Co-Founder & President

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