Annie Hanna Engel

Howard Hanna Insurance Services │ Hanna Holdings, Inc

Annie Hanna Engel serves as chief legal officer for Hanna Holdings, Inc., and president and COO of Howard Hanna Insurance Services. Her two roles complement each other and help various divisions and regions within Howard Hanna implement their goals and missions. Under Engel’s leadership, the company has experienced organic growth and has been viewed as an industry leader year after year.

Engel advises companies to help them minimize legal risks in the ever-changing field of residential real estate services. She supports the codification of established practices and precedents to raise the level of professionalism and accountability within the industry.

Engel directs insurance and warranty strategies to create “customers for life.” She has worked with national partners to address issues related to independent contractor benefits and health insurance.

In addition, Engel has served in several state and national real estate industry groups. She is also active in numerous Pittsburgh-area community organizations.

Annie Hanna Engel
President & COO │Chief Legal Officer

Howard Hanna Insurance Services │ Hanna Holdings, Inc
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