Michelle Feola

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago

In her capacity as vice president and general counsel, Michelle Feola has taken an active approach, aiming to educate agents and other real estate professionals before they accidentally overlook any regulations while doing business.

“I have made it my mission to counsel agents and their managers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations while offering the highest level of service to their clients, which I find enormously rewarding.”

To that end, Feola has implemented a regular outreach program for real estate professionals— both new and experienced agents are welcome—designed to foster education on legal frameworks, handling documents and an approach to fair housing. She combines this with sessions geared specifically toward commercial and rental agents, who work in specialized fields of the real estate sector.

Feola’s own specialized knowledge, gleaned from working as a litigator and defending real estate agents in the court of law, has been passed onto people who can benefit the most from its guidance.

Michelle Feola
Vice President and General Counsel

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago
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