Stephanie Anton

The Corcoran Group

Feuling expansion and development for The Corcoran Group brand is a strategic vision for Stephanie Anton. After only 18 months with the brand, she was named the first-ever president of the Corcoran Affiliate Network. In just three short years with the company, she has led strategy across several multi-functional teams in addition to overseeing the growth and development of the franchise side.

“Since launching the affiliate network in February 2020, Corcoran has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing franchise brands in the industry. It’s been incredibly rewarding to bring together such a dynamic group of real estate, marketing and sales professionals from around the world to localize a premier lifestyle brand like Corcoran,” says Anton.

While she is laser-focused on helping the brand thoughtfully grow its global network, which stretches across more than 170 offices in the U.S., six Caribbean islands and Italy as of spring 2023, Anton also works closely with a diverse slate of affiliate owners, helping them thrive in their local markets.

“In just over three years, our growth has been so rewarding to help facilitate. My role is less about franchising and more about selecting strong local operators in key markets around the world and then partnering with them to grow together.”

Stephanie Anton
President, Corcoran Affiliates

The Corcoran Group
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