Bob Eidson

Emerge Property & Emerge Development

Bob Eidson started his career in the recession-era mortgage space where he helped homeowners and banks navigate programs like HAMP/HAFA, and spearheaded Bank of America’s successful short sale program.

Upon moving back to his hometown of Lexington, Ky., where he had ownership in a bar and a publication called The Bourbon Review, he started two real estate funds for urban infill redevelopment in tier-two and tier-three markets, Emerge Property and Emerge Development. Eidson’s developments included affordable housing units and he sought to embrace important trends, such as walkable communities and converting unusable shipping containers into stylish living space.

Bob Eidson | Founder

Emerge Property & Emerge Development

"Localism is driving consumer preference and there’s a massive opportunity for disruptors to find authentic ways to do that."