David Mele

Joining as president in September 2014 with a strategic vision and a deep knowledge of online media and digital operations, David Mele is focused on driving success. To that end, he’s continuing to expand the brand for real estate professionals through improvements in data and lead quality, as well as consumers with an innovative smarter home search experience.

The greatest accomplishment for Mele and the entire group is the May 2018 launch of the new

Having spent many months reimagining home search from the ground up to make it smarter, faster and easier for home shoppers to find their dream home, while also making sure agents and brokers have the opportunity to connect with consumers more frequently, the new site introduces many first-to-market features for the industry and is a game changer for consumers searching for their next home.

With the first national visual search tool for homebuyers, Snap & Search, combined with a personalized “match” score for search results, Match, the new site breaks out of the sea of sameness to deliver a truly differentiated and more engaging search experience.

“It’s an honor to be considered among this esteemed group of real estate professionals who are making newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry, but the true recognition goes to the hard-working individuals who are on the team,” says Mele. “These folks work hard to positively affect the consumers and clients we serve day-in and day-out.”

David Mele

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