Errol Samuelson


As chief industry development officer at Zillow Group, Errol Samuelson is responsible for industry relations strategy and business-to-business product development and tools in the company’s brand portfolio. Over the past year, Samuelson has been able to grow Zillow to a new level of engagement, allowing for a more organic user interface, as well as help the company’s expansion in Canada.

In August 2019, Zillow announced that more than 250 Canadian brokerages and franchisors had signed agreements to display listings on and Zillow’s mobile app. The company also noted that it had seen a 32 percent year-to-date growth of monthly Canadian unique users.

Errol Samuelson | Chief Industry Development Officer


"I feel that my accomplishments thus far are that of the combined effort of all the powerful mentors I've been fortunate enough to have had throughout my life."