Jared James

Jared James Enterprises

Jared James started out as a REALTOR® and was included in REALTOR® Magazine’s first “30 under 30” edition. He later founded Jared James Enterprises, which has become one of the largest coaching and training companies in the real estate industry.

James travels all over North America, as well as to other countries, to teach real estate professionals how to stay relevant with consumers and how to compete in an ever-changing market. His audiences appreciate that James doesn’t simply give tips, but also explains the reasons why some strategies work better than others. James is known for his genuine style and entrepreneurial approach, and has gained popularity on social media for his instructional videos and daily educational content, becoming one of the most followed industry figures on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat.

Jared James | In charge of making things go

Jared James Enterprises

"It's an honor to be included with such a distinguished list of people within an industry I love so much. While none of us do what we do to win awards or get recognized, it's always nice to know that the countless hours we put in working to better our industry don't go unnoticed."