John Van Slyke


John Van Slyke, vice president of growth at HomeLight, and his team launched HomeLight Elite, Cash Offer and Trade-In; the Move Safe™ program to help agents and clients complete transactions safely during the COVID-19 pandemic; and the “Powered by HomeLight” program to help agents build their businesses. HomeLight won several awards for innovation and growth in 2020.

Van Slyke shares this quote from chef Chris Hill: “Show up every day looking to make the most of it. Learn from the best, seek to be the best, and once you are on your way, teach others to be the best. This life won’t be easy. It will be damn hard, but it will be worth it and, in the end, you will have lived a life of which you are proud, one that’s yours, and in doing so, you get to make the world a bit better in the process.”

John Van Slyke | Vice President of Growth