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Joseph Horning

Shorewest REALTORS®

Joe Horning is a third generation leader of his 75-year-old family business—Shorewest REALTORS®, Wisconsin’s Largest Home Seller™. This includes the Shorewest Family of Companies–Shorewest REALTORS®, Heritage Title Services, Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation, Shorewest Insurance, Shorewest Real Estate Institute and MyDwelling.

Horning’s real estate career began during his sophomore year in college, when he spent his summer months as a courier for Wauwatosa Realty (the previous name of Shorewest). After graduating from Marquette University in 1991, Horning founded his company’s IT department, which he also managed. Years later, he became a vice president and then in 2002, he took over for his father John E. Horning as president. Under his and his brother John P Horning’s leadership, the company has grown to 1,000 sales professionals, 275 support team members and 25 locations throughout Wisconsin.

Throughout Horning’s career, he has been hyper-involved in various organizations within the real estate industry, which is a testament to his dedication, love and advocacy of the profession.

“With constant disruption from within the industry, from outside the industry, and now from a pandemic, real estate will always be essential, and open-minded leaders willing to change will always persevere,” Horning says.

In addition to leading his company he also currently serves as the chair-elect Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, is past-chairman of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, president of Metro MLS, on the board of managers for Upstream and was the chairman of The Realty Alliance.

Joseph Horning

Shorewest REALTORS®
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