Karri Callahan

RE/MAX Holdings Inc.

Karri Callahan is chief financial officer of RE/MAX Holdings Inc. She oversees finance, investor relations, legal, risk management and other functions at RE/MAX Holdings and its affiliated companies, including RE/MAX, LLC and Motto Franchising, LLC. As part of the executive team, Callahan plays a key role in major strategic initiatives.  

Callahan considers her role and contributions during RE/MAX’s acquisition of booj, a web design and technology company, to be one of her greatest professional accomplishments. Not only did she manage the structure and execution of the transaction, but she also managed Wall Street’s reaction in terms of its impact on RE/MAX’s top line and bottom line and effectively reset expectations by stressing the importance of innovation and technology for the company’s long-term success. The acquisition was a pivotal moment for RE/MAX because the continually released products are exclusive to the company’s agents. 

“It’s an exciting time for RE/MAX as we are executing on multiple initiatives that we believe will create efficiencies and competitive advantages for our network,” says Callahan. “The highly anticipated launch of the booj platform is one of those initiatives as it marks a milestone in RE/MAX’s history, extending our position as a global leader in residential real estate.”

Callahan came to RE/MAX from Ernst & Young, LLP, with more than 12 years of accounting and auditing experience. She joined RE/MAX in 2013 as a senior manager of SEC reporting, assisting with the initial public offering of RE/MAX stock, and moved up the ranks to become CFO in 2016.

Karri Callahan
Chief Financial Officer

RE/MAX Holdings Inc.
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