Laura Monroe

Real Estate Webmasters

Laura Monroe, head of industry and partners at Real Estate Webmasters (REW), works to develop industry relationships, strategic partnerships and brand experiences at every level through service, products and sponsorships. Monroe has expanded REW’s brand reach and partnerships throughout the industry in 2019, specifically a partnership with Ryan Serhant. She also became a National Association of REALTORS® Reach mentor.


Monroe is passionate about helping both B2B and B2C real estate companies articulate their brand vision to inspire their teams and customers. She uses technology literacy, public relations, marketing, social media and industry relations to help companies improve their reputations, align their internal culture from the top down, reach new market share, and position themselves for growth.

In late 2018, Monroe took on the newly created role at REW. She was excited by the opportunity to work with the company, which had a long record of organic success and innovation. Before that, Monroe served as vice president of growth and partner collective at Sequel.

Monroe is a nationally recognized speaker and educator, as well as an NAR Reach mentor. She works with leading CEOs, brokers, technology executives and startups in the real estate industry to help them grow their corporate brands.

Monroe offers this piece of advice others: “Raise your standards, and the universe will meet you there.” She adds, “If we aren’t constantly settling, but are looking for the ways we raise our own standards, our industry will rise to meet them.”

Laura Monroe
Head of Industry

Real Estate Webmasters
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