Matthew Ferrara

The Learning Network LLC

As a philosopher, mentor, speaker and author for The Learning Network LLC, Matthew Ferrera develops innovative ideas and techniques to help individuals and organizations grow. With his well-known mantra #AlwaysInspiring, he has made an impact on many in the industry. From interpreting changes in markets, consumer trends and technology to adapting business strategies throughout the industry, Ferrera always brings a positive perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the table.

In 2020, he was able to turn a calendar of 30 events into the completion of over 225 live virtual events by November, resulting in nearly eight times the impact on the industry from 2019. “During a crisis, our industry decided that it wasn’t a period of ‘time out’ but ‘game on’. We came together across industry boundaries to support, nurture and strengthen each other like no other period in our history,” he says. “I have never been more proud and more grateful to be part of the real estate industry than I have this year.”

Matthew Ferrara | Philosopher

The Learning Network LLC

"During a crisis, our industry decided that it wasn't a period of time-out but GAME-ON. We came together - across industry boundaries, competitive borders and international barriers."

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