Rochelle Maize

Nourmand & Associates

Rochelle Maize, executive director of luxury for Nourmand & Associates, is one of the country’s top-producing agents with over $1 billion in sales. She has cemented her status in Southern California’s ultra-competitive luxury market, serving a client roster of entertainment industry executives, award-winning actors, renowned artists and more.

In 2020, she conceptualized a “house service” partnership with The Beverly Hills Hotel for a unique $18 million Beverly Hills estate listing, which included meals delivered and served for the first three months. This listing also featured what she coined as coronavirus-era modifications, such as the cleaning room, stocked with face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, plus a “Zoom room” tailor made for remote work and schooling.

Rochelle Maize | Executive Director of Luxury Estates

Nourmand & Associates

Throughout the pandemic, Maize recognized the need for “prioritizing spaces in which business can be conducted easily from home for the long term.”

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