Trinette Lindsey

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Trinette Lindsey, a broker at Dreamspots Leasing-Sales in Chicago, is using her love of music to connect with prospective clients. In 2019, the Chicago native made a series of promotional videos, including a rap video in which she refers to herself as “your girl T-Lindsey” and shares important information about the process of buying or selling a house.

“I wanted to make it sound cool so people will listen, but still giving knowledge to potential clients,” Lindsey told Chicago Business. Although Lindsey doesn’t have a professional music background, she enjoys singing songs from a wide range of genres on karaoke nights and often raps to herself as a “coping mechanism.”

Lindsey decided in late 2018 to make promotional videos and reached out to Hyde Park-based music producer Ball On Da Beat. He had previously worked with musicians and corporate clients, but this was his first opportunity to collaborate with a real estate agent. 

Ball On Da Beat had Lindsey write and revise a script, and he created the beat. They then got together to shoot the video, which was produced by Chicago-based Zakharchuk Presents. Ball On Da Beat said he was impressed by Lindsey’s “natural charisma.” Lindsey said she planned to make more promotional videos, but didn’t plan to rap in them. 

Lindsey is also the founder and owner of Pandemic Realty LLC, which specializes in revitalizing disadvantaged and underserved neighborhoods. Before pursuing a career in real estate, she worked as a registered nurse.

Trinette Lindsey | Broker

Dreamspots Leasing-Sales