Verl Workman

Workman Success Systems

“Serve regardless of opportunity.”

An inspiring speaker and success coach, Verl Workman took those words to heart this year, making sure that he was able to offer the same motivational tools and educational experiences in spite of a deeply changed world. Quickly developing a program deemed the “Masters of Virtual Real Estate,” Workman gave agents the chance to not only hang on, but thrive in the buffeting winds of change that swept through 2021. Workman’s success is evident in the success of those he works with, as 40 teams he worked with broke the seven-figure mark in gross commission income. Workman also developed a comprehensive e-book addressing specific challenges of the pandemic, and his 120 Day Listing Challenge gave agents a tremendous guide to making the most of a historically low-inventory market. This kind of up-to-the-minute topical information and a personal dedication to service made Workman’s 2021 a year to remember.

Verl Workman
CEO and Founder

Workman Success Systems

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