York Baur


Throughout 2021, York Baur focused on helping brokerages become more productive and profitable through leading data with the MoxiWorks Home Sales Projector. “MoxiWorks is proof that if you build great products and provide great service, customers will help you build your company,” he says.

He drove the significant increase in numbers of brokerages the company powers, now over 800 brokerages and 400,000 agents across the U.S. that make up approximately 20% of all transactions in the country. The company also saw 47% internal growth in 2021.

“It’s incredible to see that growth to be helping drive results for such a large part of the industry now,” he adds.

With this growth and expansion, they are able to provide more resources and innovation for current and future clients, including taking on the largest technology deployment this industry has ever seen.

“It’s been a wonderful collaboration with the industry over the last decade that has helped MoxiWorks get to where we are today,” Baur says.

York Baur

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