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Creating Leverage Through Teamwork

If you’ve ever read one of my columns before, you’ll know that by the time this is published, I’ll have just celebrated my 38th year

Training, a More Personal Leverage

For you to have stopped long enough to read this article, it probably means that you’re using leverage in some way in your business or

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Lead

I recently asked a room full of agents—from brand-new to those with 30 years of experience—the following question: Are leads an issue? The answer was

Maximizing Your Most Important Technology

What’s the one thing all sales professionals have in common, and yet, each of theirs is completely different? Whether or not you’ve heard this question

The Value of Leadership

I’ve spoken many times about leadership and what it means to each person individually­—as it does, in fact, mean different things to different people. While

Building Tomorrow, Today

If you truly want to build for your future and have a more productive year in 2018 than you’ve ever had before, it’s time to

Brokers: Increasing Relevancy – New Ways to Recruit and Retain

Brokers: Are you resonating…still? Join RISMedia for this month’s FREE ACE webinar on recruitment, retention and value proposition.

What: RISMedia’s ACE Webinar Series – Brokers: Increasing Relevancy – New Ways to Recruit and Retain

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