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When Important Isn’t

Life is very busy, especially for those who have immediate and extended families, church responsibilities, work life and who want at least some personal time. It’s like we’re running on treadmills that never, ever stop. How do we gain control over our time when we feel like we’re running from one urgent matter to another? […]

The Leadership Dichotomy

Real estate agents and team leaders epitomize entrepreneurs. They pursue opportunities by taking risks to start a business. Most do so because they don’t want to follow someone else’s ambitions and they honestly believe they provide something unique in the marketplace. They are typically visionary and constantly dream of creative ways to attract new clients, […]

Got Culture?

Somebody asked me recently if I had culture. “I think so,” I responded, before thinking to myself that I had learned manners as a child, which, in my mind, meant I had culture. I grew up in the South. My mom taught me how to behave in all social situations. She especially wanted me to […]

What Are You Selling?

“What are you selling to prospects?” is a question I enjoy asking groups around the country. The typical answer is “myself”; however, this mindset limits an agent’s ability to increase the size and profitability of their business. Let’s discuss how to elevate client experiences and create work-life balance at the same time. When you sell […]