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Buyers, Sellers and Agents Benefit From Tech Advances in Home Inspection

Improving the home-buying and selling process wherever possible is a key component of serving clients, especially in today’s housing market. With that in mind, technology advances in home inspection now enable a number of advances that benefit clients and agents as well. An interactive visual inspection summary offers expanded insights and information the buyer can […]

Can Technology Create a Better Home-Buying Experience?

With homes selling seemingly at the speed of light, many buyers are faced with making quick decisions and taking fast action in the process. Digital signing, online listings and other conveniences save everyone time. And now it’s easier than ever for buyers to learn about the home through technology advances in home inspection. The home […]

Do Pre-Listing Home Inspections Make Sense in This Market?

With inventory at or near all-time lows, many homes are selling “as is” and transactions are moving quickly. In this seller’s market, is a pre-listing home inspection a good idea? The short answer is “yes.” Homes that have had a pre-listing inspection sell for more. It’s to the seller’s advantage to fully understand the home […]

What Is Sick House Syndrome, and What Causes It?

Sick House Syndrome occurs when a house can’t “breathe” and rid itself of indoor pollutants, resulting in poor indoor air quality—a “sick house.” Inadequate ventilation allows these pollutants to build up, causing potential health risks to the home’s occupants. Young children, the elderly and some chronically ill persons are most susceptible to the effects of […]