Venkatesh Ganapathy

Venkatesh Ganapathy is CEO and co-founder of MoveEasy, a national, full-service homeowner concierge platform designed to help the 130 million homeowners in the U.S. with all of their moving and home management needs. For more information, visit

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Delivering Value Throughout Every Phase of the Homeownership Journey

While the U.S. housing market has boomed over the past two years, client retention hasn’t, with just 12% of homeowners using the same agent again. The way people research, buy and sell homes has also changed—with many millennials buying their homes almost entirely online. To keep up with the rapid changes in today’s hyper-competitive market,…

MoveEasy Launches New Homeowner Dashboard, Simplifying Home Management

MoveEasy, the No. 1 platform for brokers, agents and homeowners in the moving space, is taking the next step in its evolution to become a 360-degree solution for every home-related service you can imagine. Today, MoveEasy is announcing the launch of its homeowner dashboard, empowering homeowners and real estate partners like never before. In contrast…