Alex Allison

D. Alexander

Alex Allison and Dustin Abney co-founded D. Alexander, an “alternative-stay” hospitality brand, to provide unforgettable experiences to guests and maximize returns for investors. In 2019, D. Alexander launched a new brand focused on short-term vacation rentals.

D. Alexander owns and manages several single-family vacation homes that are operated like boutique hotels to deliver consistent, tech-enabled experiences. The company’s investors include leaders in the residential real estate, short-term rental and REIT industries.

Allison and Abney co-founded D. Alexander to address frustration with lodging that doesn’t meet travelers’ expectations. They believe this is largely due to fragmentation in ownership. Through its ownership-first model, D. Alexander sets and defines brand standards to provide guests with value that traditional short-term vacation rental owners and operators cannot.

Allison is also co-founder and managing partner of D. Alexander Capital, a single-family real estate investment fund. He previously co-founded Dotloop and played a major role in growing the brand until it was acquired by Zillow Group in 2015 for $120 million. As marketing leader, Allison achieved $10 million in ARR. After the acquisition, he led new business channels and emerging markets, which resulted in over 60 key partnerships. Allison mentors other venture capitalists, advises multiple brands and is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

Allison offers this quote from Matthew McConaughey: “There are three things, to my account, that I need each day. One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to and another is someone to chase.”

Alex Allison

D. Alexander
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