Dennis Chernov

Chernov Team

As the 34-year-old CEO of Chernov Team, Dennis Chernov has already created a thriving real estate empire. With his can-do attitude, Chernov grew his team of four to 15 in just over a year’s time, and became the sixth highest-producing agent after only a few years in the real estate industry. He has increased production by nearly 40 percent since 2017.

Chernov began his real estate career at just 16 years old, and has worked hard to become a leading real estate consultant and loan officer. During the recession in 2008, Chernov joined Keller Williams Realty as a full-time agent. He went on to become the top agent in Studio City, Calif., and to lead a productive and successful team.

Dennis Chernov | CEO

Chernov Team

Chernov is active in social media and marketing, and has 100,000 Instagram followers, including celebrities and athletes.