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Multiple Clients List

Juan Del Sol is a highly experienced real estate professional with a passion for helping families achieve the American dream and build generational wealth through innovative real estate investments. After founding Multiple Clients List (MCL), Del Sol and the company are revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted through data-sharing software.

2023 proved to be the breakthrough year for the company. Under Del Sol’s leadership, the company made significant strides, including securing meetings with NAR to collaborate on nationwide implementation, showcasing technology to multiple MLS boards nationwide, and completing the development of a consumer app.

“The most rewarding part of my career has been the opportunity to positively impact real estate professionals across the industry,” says Del Sol. “Our software aims to bring fairness and cooperation to real estate transactions in an entirely new way. By elevating and protecting all parties involved, our technology fosters an environment of mutual respect and increased professionalism.”

In the wake of commission lawsuits in 2023, the company saw an influx of new users and calls, likely due to increased awareness. This increased interest presented a valuable opportunity for Del Sol and MCL to empower agents and homebuyers by promoting ethical standards and practices, and continue to grow the business.

“The ability to transform the home-buying experience to be more ethical and equitable for all is incredibly motivating,” adds Del Sol. “Knowing our software will create a better landscape for conducting business and strengthen agent-client relationships is what continues to be the most fulfilling part of leading this company. The potential to make the industry more transparent and cooperative excites me to come to work each day.”

Juan Del Sol
President & Founder

Multiple Clients List
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