Katie Clancy

The Cape House Team/William Raveis

Katie Clancy is the team lead for The Cape House Team at William Raveis Real Estate, and a nationally-recognized speaker and trainer with a focus on relationship marketing. Clancy’s indispensable ability to encourage real estate agents to harness their interpersonal marketing skills has helped her fellow industry members across the nation focus on what matters the most: the client relationship.

Katie Clancy | Team Lead, REALTOR®, Speaker, Trainer

The Cape House Team/William Raveis

"In our lifetime, real estate will become the happiest industry on Earth. Agents will recognize a home sale as the sacred event that it is. Clients will hold their agents in the same space as their wedding officiant or midwife. Agents to each other will be brothers and sisters. I know it is possible because it's already true in my own business, and I see seeds of this future everywhere I look."