Melinda McBrayer


The COVID-19 pandemic hit while Movinghub was entering into the U.S. marketplace, and the team in Australia (where the company is based) could not travel to the U.S. When Melinda McBrayer joined the concierge service proptech company, she saw an opportunity.

McBrayer attended an interview with the Australian ambassador to the U.S. and asked how he and his office could help Movinghub start up in the U.S. Her question led to a networking opportunity.

The ambassador put McBrayer in touch with Australian consulates and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. Employees in those bodies introduced McBrayer to Australian companies in the U.S., and those companies introduced Movinghub to businesses in the real estate industry.

“I always look for creative and innovative opportunities to seize and stand out among the crowd,” McBrayer says.

Melinda McBrayer
Business Development Manager

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