Merri Jo Cowen

Stellar MLS

December 2023 marked the 15th anniversary of Chief Executive Officer Merri Jo Cowen’s leadership at Stellar MLS.

Cowen has fostered a collaborative and dynamic environment that has redefined how professionals navigate the real estate market since assuming her role in 2008. She has propelled Stellar MLS’s position in the marketplace by expanding its customer base, shareholder organizations, and out-of-state and international data-share partnerships.

“I’m so proud of the dynamic team we have built at Stellar MLS and all that we have accomplished,” said Cowen in a release. “The real estate landscape is constantly changing. In organized real estate overall and for MLSs in particular, change is nothing more than a new evolution to the next level of providing service to real estate professionals to, in turn, serve buyers and sellers. As technology develops, regulations change, and new best practices emerge, our job is to evolve along with the changes, not out of fear, but out of confidence.”

Cowen was instrumental in successfully rebranding the MLS in 2019, and continues to grow the company both internally and externally. The organization has expanded organically with new licensees entering the real estate field and through the consolidation of MLSs in its footprint. The number of Realtor Association shareholders has increased from eight to 19, and the customer base surged from 30,000 to 84,000 in 15 years.

Cowen also participates in industry advisory groups, including the Association Executives Advisory Group and the NAR MLS Executive Advisory Board, and is a voting member of the NAR Board of Directors, the MLS Issues and Policy Committee and the AE Council, and the MLS Grid Board of Managers. In 2023, she was pivotal in establishing the Stellar Cares charitable reserve, a testament to her commitment to community development and resilience.

“I look forward to continuing the collaborations we have fostered, as we work toward a common goal of the betterment of our industry,” she said.

Merri Jo Cowen

Stellar MLS
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