Morgan Carey

Real Estate Webmasters

Morgan Carey is founder and CEO of Real Estate Webmasters (REW), a developer of real estate websites, CRM and lead generation software.

Over the past year, the company has accomplished a lot, including leading the way in international RESO standards integration, partnering with the Canadian government and others to develop a multilingual MLS system, expanding to another continent, and launching a brand-new CRM to help agents close more deals.

“At REW, we have done some truly incredible things, but honestly, my greatest accomplishment in the past year has been resetting my focus, going back to our roots and bringing relationships back to the core of our business,” says Carey.

The company recently launched a #RelationshipsMatter campaign, which allowed REW to reconnect with former customers, create partnerships with new groups and work on innovative projects with clients.

“There are so many companies that spend their time talking. We wanted to spend more time listening,” says Carey. “This has been an incredible, and sometimes humbling, experience.”

Carey started his career as a search engine consultant working with Google, Yahoo, EBAY, Adobe and other firms. He transitioned into real estate in 2002 and founded REW in 2004. Carey also advises prop tech firms and enjoys serving as an international speaker and consultant.

“I love this industry for its diverse and talented membership,” he says. “There are so many inspirational entrepreneurs from all manners of background, and they are accessible and friendly. It’s a great place to spend your career.”

Morgan Carey

Real Estate Webmasters
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