Tim Fessenden


Tim Fessenden, president of Propertybase, believes that real estate brokerages need to focus more attention on data and analytics to thrive in a competitive field. To do that, agents and support staff must be able to easily access and share the most up-to-date information available.

In 2019, Propertybase launched a new real estate platform with native tools for buyer and seller lead generation, award-winning IDX websites, listing management, customer relationship management (CRM), digital and print marketing, intranet, and compliance-driven transaction management features. The goal was to eliminate silos between CRM and transaction management and to provide automation and visibility that can make it easier for brokers to close deals.

Brokers can access the platform on a desktop or via a mobile app and can use e-signature capabilities to efficiently share, execute and track documents. Dashboards can be customized to provide the most relevant information, and data-level permissions can limit access to certain information when appropriate.

The platform offers brokers and agents a central location to report and share information. It provides data on key performance indicators, such as projected volume and gross commissionable income. Historical data can be automatically imported so staff can identify trends and use that information to make predictions about the future. The wealth of data available enables brokers to take a holistic view of their business so they can see where it is succeeding, project future growth and identify areas in need of improvement.

Tim Fessenden

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