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Real Estate Q&A: How Should Condo Board Tell New Residents About Fee Increase?

(TNS)—Q: How should the board member interviewing new residents in our condominium association handle knowing there will be a significant increase in the monthly maintenance fees due to the increasing insurance premium? It is a sensitive subject for sellers to discuss with buyers, but we want to be transparent as an association with our new…

Real Estate Q&A: How Is Coronavirus Affecting the Residential Market?

(TNS)—Coronavirus has changed the way we live, and I have received many questions about how it is affecting the real estate market. So far, the residential real estate market has kept moving. While a few transactions have canceled, the vast majority are moving forward. Lenders are lending, and interest rates are strong. If you are…

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The Great Retirement Is Here

The Federal Reserve Board found that the average net worth of households with a head of household aged 55-69 rose... Read more.

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