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Latest Inflation Data Beats Expectations; Consumers Still Spending

While still ticking upward, the PCE index—the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of price increases—rose less than expected today, fueling optimism that there won’t be another resurgence in inflation. Additionally, the report showed that consumer spending rose slightly, another positive sign that consumers are continuing to open their pocketbooks despite a hawkish Fed and some previously…

Midwest Team’s Collegial Atmosphere in College Town Propels Success

Above: Matt Winzenried, center, with his team Talk about taking real estate marketing to the next level… Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners, a Madison, Wisconsin brokerage aligned with Realty Executives, showcases T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts featuring a stylized MW logo for sale on Amazon.com. While the agency leader’s plan wasn’t to have the clothing serve…

Savvy Leadership and Collaborative Spirit Keep Realty Executives Growing Strong

Realty Executives International President, Patrick van den Bossche, facilitates a panel session on the “State of the Industry” with key broker/owners and Executives. When a few years ago Outlier CEO David Tedesco chose Patrick van den Bossche, with his 30 years of experience managing fast-growth, next-growth and startup firms, to lead Realty Executives International as…

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Helping Them Buy Their First Home is Just the Start

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