Chip Gardner


Glenn “Chip” Gardner serves as vice president of Operations for GARDNER REALTORS®. As a fourth-generation member of the family-owned business, Gardner handles day-to-day operations, including the identification, prioritization and execution of key projects.

GARDNER REALTORS® recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. To mark the milestone, the company underwent several changes, including a complete brand refresh and the restoration of its historic Uptown office. The company also made some technological upgrades, including a refresh of its website, and the forthcoming launch of its new mobile app.

Chip Gardner | Vice President of Operations


"While celebrating 75 years of success, we continue to innovate to provide our REALTORS® with best-in-class support services to make it easier for clients to buy and sell homes. We are passionate about helping REALTORS® and clients create the life they love."